“Becky Considine has worked with Oxford CBT for over a year now and is instrumental to the smooth running of the service. Her employment title of administrator does not encompass the diversity and breadth of contribution she provides. On a daily basis Becky is the first point of contact for prospective clients and other professionals. When enquiring about therapy clients are often distressed and anxious; Becky demonstrates care and compassion whilst remaining professional and is able to help people feel more at ease. With regards to organisation Becky manages the booking process, liaising with clinicians and clients, updating diaries, practice management systems and managing accounts to ensure invoices are paid in a timely fashion. Together Becky and I have developed marketing plans which have targeted local GP’s and professional organisations. During this process Becky has collated multiple information sources using spreadsheets and mail merge and distributed materials in a timely efficient manner.

Managing my own company means that my attention is often divided between a number of areas and tasks at any one time. Discovering that Becky has the skills and initiative to complete task with minimal supervision has increased my confidence to delegate more responsibilities to her. This has ultimately allowed me to focus on developing other areas of the business and feeling able to take a holiday without checking emails and leaving my work phone in Becky’s capable hands.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Tom Murfitt, Managing Director

Oxford CBT

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