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OXVAS supports you to work smarter, not harder !

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A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an alternative and cost effective way to getting the support you need. Delegate the tasks that take up your time, and take you away from your business. For many who have taken the steps already, it is the smarter way to do business and If used effectively, research suggests that by hiring a VA instead of an employee, you will reduce your operating costs by as much as 78% per year, because you just buy the hours you need!

So just buy the hours you need………..it’s that simple !

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Treat yourself to more free time.

Finding the time to run a business effectively and efficiently, alongside, paperwork, CRMS, emails etc…..in any business can be hard.

Fear not, we are here to help – discover the power of your very own Virtual Assistant – virtual help with real results, supporting you to work smarter not harder!

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