Submitting Work

Work requests may be made by phone or email, however the actual job must be submitted by email to enquire@oxvas.co.uk so that it can be properly scheduled and subsequently tracked. All work requests will be sent a confirmation email and contract for the job, detailing cost, agreed turnaround time and job details.

If you do not receive this acknowledgement, please call 07866812578 to check your request has been received.

Unless agreed in advance, all job submissions must include all details required to complete the task, such as documents, templates, passwords, instructions. The work cannot be scheduled until all information is received and acknowledged.

Work Completion

All work will be invoiced 2 business days after the task is completed.

It is your responsibility to check work which is returned and raise any queries within 2 business days. Any errors will be rectified as soon as possible at no charge.


OXVAS shall not be liable for any losses you might sustain arising directly or indirectly from our work except when it is directly due to our negligence

This contract shall be governed by English Law


Privacy & Confidentiality

All work and all communications regarding it are treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.